Our ministries


Torricine Bilingue: after-school club and summer camps.  English, games, Bible stories and camps for children from 4-11yrs.

Perché Gesù: 6 evenings exploring the basics of Christanity in the Person of Jesus.

Buona domanda: a discussion evening on questions of contemporary relevance from a Christian perspective.

Puppets sotto le torri: a Sunday afternoon programme for children, with puppets balloons clowns painting and more!

Exchange: after school club a teenage summer camp, in partnership with Youth for Christ Italia.


EdificareSunday service: we meet and worship the living God, in song prayer testimony and the preaching of His Word.

Breakfast with prayer: a time of fellowship, breakfast and prayer every Sunday before the service.

Torricine | Domenica: Children from 3 years and up can come to play, have Bible time and enjoy various activities run during the service which starts at 10.30

At home: the opportunity to grow as a family meeting in homes, both in our love for Christ and one another.

Shoulder to shoulder: the men meet regularly for a pizza, to prayerfully encourage each-other to live as men for Christ.

Daily Prayer Meeting: we meet every morning to pray together.

Training Formare

Percorsi: a biblical training course, in partnership with other churches, aimed at raising and equipping small group leaders.

Bologna Bible School: an annual expository conference on a Bible book, in partnership with other churches of Bologna.

Primo Passo: a six week course giving a complete overview of the Bible.

Thinking of Baptsim: for those who are considering being baptised
PDF: students meet to study and spur one another on to read the Bible.

Applicazione Internship: a part time theological course aiming to equip the next generation of gospel

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